What is SSL and how does it affect organic ranking on Google?

What is SSL and how does it affect organic ranking on Google?

In late 2014, Google announced that an SSL certificate would have an effect on improving the quality of a site's ranking. Of course this is a breath of fresh air for SSL certificate providers.

Site owners, administrators, and SEO experts flock to register their sites to have an SSL certificate. But, what is SSL and how does it affect ranking on Google? Read on the following reviews ...

What is SSL?

SSL itself is an abbreviation of Secure Socket Layer or security protocol that protects data on sites that have financial transactions online. This will certainly maintain the confidence of consumers who make the process of buying and selling in e-commerce or online shop. However, it's worth noting that even though your site doesn't have a payment page or financial transaction, you can still get the SEO benefits by installing an SSL certificate on the site.

The easiest thing to see from our site after getting an SSL certificate is that the URL "http" changes to "https". The letter s or "secure" is an indication that the pages of our site are protected by online transaction security certifications.

What is SSL and how does it affect organic ranking on Google

The Effect of SSL on Organic Ranking on Google

As a global internet technology giant, Google has pushed all sites to secure information for internet users with SSL certificates. To further intensify this security movement, Google will give a "gift" or reward to sites that are equipped with SSL certificates with ranking or ranking on search engines.

Certain site owners can even increase Google's ranking by 47 percent in just 7 days. Meanwhile, online SMEs, bloggers or private site owners, can use an SSL certificate to protect any personally identifiable information from third parties.

Another bonus, the SSL certificate can also secure the site even if the user does not type in the URL "WWW". So, whatever the user types in the browser bar, internet activity will remain safe.

Why Use an SSL Certificate?

SSL or Secure Socket Layer certificates are widely used to secure data transfers when site visitors enter credit card details or other sensitive data, such as logins, banking info, personal identification details and other financial data.

Everyone certainly wants to get security guarantees when dealing in cyberspace. With the Secure Socket Layer Certificates, online data security can be realized and provides a sense of comfort and security when transacting online.
what is SSL and how does it affect organic ranking on Google

That said, the SSL Certificate is an indicator of trust that shows if the connection to the site is guaranteed to be safe and has been verified with a valid SSL Certificate.

SSL Certificate for Organic Ranking

What is SSL and how does it affect organic ranking on Google? Currently building rankings on Google through organic search requires tenacity and hard work from SEO experts. Before you can reap satisfactory results, many stages and processes must be passed in order to get a ranking position on the first and top pages of the Google search engine.

However, while building backlinks and creating quality content for your site's SEO pages, consider getting an SSL Certificate. By getting an SSL Certificate your site can achieve a better position on Google search pages quickly and easily. Perched on top and first Google search results is the dream of every site owner. Don't ignore it in terms of security because it is very important to maintain organic ranking on Google in the long run. No need to hesitate, this is the right time to save time and get an SSL Certificate to improve your site's ranking results in the Google search engine.

Thus the article about What is SSL and its Effect on Organic Ranking on Google. Hope it is useful for all of us. Thank you

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